We recommend that you seek advice on your individual Australia travel insurance needs at the time of making your booking.  This will protect the investment you have made in your travel plans.

Travel insurance can cover you for any unforeseen or unexpected events that may occur prior to or during your travel. This could be anything from a problem with your flight that causes you to miss the start of your tour, a weather event that prevents you from getting to your next destination, or having an accident or becoming ill and requiring medical attention.

Most insurance providers can include medical coverage, cancellation or interruption cover, and many now offer coverage for COVID-19-related disruptions. Insurance should not be an afterthought, it should be considered and discussed from the initial planning stages of your itinerary to ensure you have the coverage you need.

Ask your consultant today about travel insurance to protect you in the event of something going wrong in relation to your holiday/vacation and give you peace of mind to enjoy the excitement of your trip to Australia.