Walpa Gorge

Walpa Gorge itself is a natural creek that carves its way between the two tallest domes of Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). The path folds out in a rocky formation and follows a 2.6-kilometre return route that takes you directly through the rugged walls of the landmark and weaves its way through the thirty-six majestic domes that make up the iconic landmark of Kata Tjuta 

The gorge is a sight to behold, boasting a unique ecosystem that acts as a desert refuge for many of the plants and animals that live there. Keep your eyes peeled for rare plant species as you pass groves of vibrant spear wood and reach the designated viewing platform that sits between the domes of Kata Tjuta. 

The scenery that unfolds around you is breath taking, while the vastness of the landscape tells of the many stories that have taken place here over the years. Listen out for the gentle sound of the wind, too, because this is how the gorge got its name – Walpa means whistle in the local language of the Anangu people who reside in the area.