Karlu-Karlu (Devils Marbles)

These ancient granite boulders that seem to have dropped from the wide blue skies of the Barkly Tablelands, are located 95 kilometres south of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.  You’ll find boulders that are precariously balanced and defying gravity, scattered across a wide, shallow valley. 

The Devils Marbles are a sacred site known as Karlu Karlu in the language of the traditional owners the Warumungu people. Formed over millions of years, they continue to crack and erode making for a unique view each time you visit. 

You can follow the walkways and learn via the information boards how the granite formations have withstood the eroding forces of wind and rain, unlike the surrounding sandstone. The fascinating geological marvel can be explored through a short self-guided walking trail with informative signage.