Kalbarri National Park Skywalk

At Kalbarri National Park view the spectacular scenery of Murchison River Gorge from the vantage point. Keep an eye out for graceful Peregrine Falcons hunting along the gorges and cliffs.

During wildflower season, the National Park is a bloom with many a variety of wildflower. You’ll spot Acacia, Banksia, Caladenia and more! Kalbarri is part of the traditional lands of the Nanda people, in the is the Nanda words for ‘sky’ and ‘to walk’.

Inspired by the region’s Aboriginal heritage and beauty, several local Indigenous artists have created interpretive artwork as an important part of the Skywalk experience, including the serpent. Central to the dreaming story of the Nanda people, the serpent is sandblasted into the path to guide visitors.

Message sticks welded with Aboriginal art make a ‘forest’ near the entrance to the Skywalk, and interpretive signage sharing the Nanda people’s story and history is displayed in the shade shelter area.