Hellyers Road Whisky Distillery

Take a walk with a local expert through the Hellyers Road Whisky Distillery in BurnieHellyers Road Distillery is known for continually producing some of Australia’s best single malt whiskies and being a leader in peated whisky expressions. The site of the distillery was once bush that in 1827 was carved out by Henry Hellyer, an explorer and cartographer, who was tasked to chart this rugged and naturally beautiful landscape. A wild landscape that bore an abundance of challenges and set in motion a journey into the unknown.   Today, the road (named in Henry’s honour) leads to the distillery and embodies the spirit of the history. The idea of the distillery itself was born in 1997 from a like-minded community of dairy farmers, who knew their environment was perfect for sourcing ingredients of purity and quality. With a reputation for the world’s freshest air, purest water and natural resources, the decision to produce whisky in Tasmania’s northwest was inevitable and Hellyers Road Distillery was established.  By 1999 the distillery was producing their signature spirit with great vigour and passion. Like Henry Hellyer, the team were tenacious – persevering – patient – as they began the long wait for their first whiskies to evolve and mature.  By 2015, Hellyers Road was Australia’s biggest selling locally crafted artisan whisky producer.