Geike Gorge

Geikie Gorge is situated at the junction of the Oscar and the Geikie Ranges 20 km outside the small Kimberley town of Fitzroy Crossing. The Fitzroy River has carved a 30 metre deep gorge into the remains of the ancient limestone barrier reef that existed here in the Devonian period.

When the Fitzroy is in wet-season full flood it covers the whole national park. Those floods rise over 16 metres up the gorge walls. The continuous rise and fall of the water has left the bottom of the walls bleached white. And this unusual sight makes Geikie Gorge very popular with photographers. 

At Geike Gorge you will join your local guide on a relaxing boat cruise. Take in the magnificent colours and structure of the gorge’s stone walls. Watch for freshwater crocodiles, fruit bats and wallabies as the 30 metre high walls of the gorge tower above you.