Durack Homestead Museum

The historic Durack Homestead Museum was originally built in 1895 by the famous pioneering Durack family on Argyle Downs Station (now mostly submerged by the lake). The famous pioneering Durack family home became known far and wide as one of the social gathering places of the East Kimberley.  Constructed of handcrafted limestone blocks with crushed termites mounds used as mortar, it was a magnificent building for its time.  During the early 1970’s a decision was made to remove the homestead before Lake Argyle began to fill in order to preserve this magnificent building for all time.  The homestead was dismantled stone by stone with every stone coded in such a way so as to be able to be rebuilt with every stone back in its original position.  The homestead now lives on as a museum dedicated to the pioneering spirit of the Durack Family. The Historic Durack Homestead Museum is operated by the Kununurra Visitor Centre.